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Written by: Dr. Gerardo Castorena Rojí
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Not only is cancer diagnosed by mastography, but many more diseases, of which the vast majority are considered benign.

Dr. Gerardo Castorena Rojí

Mast or mammography is a method that uses conventional x-rays to see the inside and the structure of a mammary gland. It is performed by a mastologist using a digital mastograph, which is a very safe device that provides a high degree of certainty in the diagnosis of breast diseases and is specifically designed for mammary glands.

Benefits of mastography

Mast is a safe procedure that detects a wide range of breast diseases. Not only is cancer diagnosed by mastography, but many more diseases, of which the vast majority are considered benign.

That is why not only women with suspicion or risk of breast cancer should be a mastograph, but all, since it is an excellent diagnostic aid in practically 80 or 90 percent of diseases that can affect the mammary gland.

The mastography should be performed on women after the age of 40 and this has a raison d'être. Before the age of 40 years, mainly in women who have not had children and have not breastfed, the mammary gland is very dense, so that if they are made a mastography the probability to obtain a suitable image is low.

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By Dr. Gerardo Castorena Rojí

Dr. Gerardo Castorena is an Oncologist Surgeon expert in breast cancer. With a solid professional and clinical career of more than 25 years where he was Director of the Breast Diagnostic Centers of the ABC Medical Center , where he studied his specialty as a surgeon.

During his extensive career he has been Director of the Breast Cancer Program of the Federal District and is usually a visiting professor in pre and postgraduate courses in national and international institutions. He was an international visiting doctor in several centers dedicated to the treatment of Breast Cancer in Europe and the United States.

With a solid commitment to his profession, he wrote the first book in Latin America focused on breast cancer patients and their families, as well as being Medical Director of the Bella Foundation. He is also an undisputed opinion leader in the use of Molecular Diagnostic Genetic Tests in Breast Cancer and is one of three Mexicans who are part of the American Association for Physician Leaders among other associations. He is currently the Director of the Mexico Breast Center , a center specialized in the treatment of breast diseases in an integral way (structural, functional and emotional aspect).

Thanks to this, Dr. Castorena Roji is recognized as one of the best specialists in Mastology in Mexico City , in addition to being awarded as one of the best doctors in Mexico in the Top Doctors Awards 2016, 2018 and 2019.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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