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Cancer: Symptomatology in broad strokes (P1)

Written by: Dr. Carlos Daniel Robles Vidal
Edited by: Top Doctors®

There are some warning signs, to mention a few and in a very general way, for example, on the skin, they occur through a stain, which is growing or changing color and ulcerating.

Dr. Carlos Daniel Robles Vidal

The various forms of cancer and their symptoms, are manifested depending on the part of the body in Where it occurs.

Sometimes the cancer appears as a pellet that grows in some part of the body, which is usually not painful. For the different types of cancer, you should go first with specialists in each area. For example, for dermatologist's skin; For the timely detection of breast cancer with an oncologist or gynecologist.

There are some warning signs, to mention some very generally, for example, on the skin, it occurs through a stain, which grows into an ulcer whose edges become tight and have many changes in its coloration.  

Other warning signs of cancer in various parts of the body

As for the oral area and larynx, it is possible that the patient presents with voice alterations, unusual cough or at first has difficulty passing solid foods and then decreases their ability to eat properly.

In the stomach area, the patient may start with gastritis or an irritation of the stomach with burning sensation. Subsequently, he has clearer manifestations such as vomiting with blood and black stools or, it is increasingly difficult to evacuate, has a lot of abdominal distention and manifestations of bleeding through the rectum.

In the genital area, signs related to some type of cancer occur with bleeding or pain after having sex.

In the mammary area, the patient begins to notice a pellet, retraction of the skin or secretion through the nipple, or increase of volume of the breast.

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By Dr. Carlos Daniel Robles Vidal
Surgical Oncology

Dr. Robles is an oncological surgeon with over 35 years of experience, part of the team of medical specialists   National Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health (SSA); is the Chief of Surgical Oncology and seconded member of ABC Medical Center.

For two years he served as Head of the Department of Breast Tumors   and since 1998 is Professor of Oncological Surgery   at the National Cancer Institute (SSA).

As   lecturer, teacher, academic, and research assistant; He has participated in almost   300 meetings   among them   congresses, symposia, roundtables, posters, free papers, conferences and national and international workshops, especially in   Mexico and the United States.

He is a member of different   societies, associations and councils around the world, among which are: American Society of Clinical, Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery, The American Society of Breast Disease.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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