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Dental erosion? How to identify wear injuries (P2)

Written by: Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Specifically in dentistry, the risk of dental erosion is that it is a progressive condition that leads to the demineralization of the enamel to destroy the surfaces of the tooth.

Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle

The most common symptoms, when it is already an advanced dental erosion, is dental pain and dysfunction.

Once it is clear what the causes of dental erosion are, it is important to create awareness in the patient to avoid, within their possibilities, to be in contact with those types of acids. If it is an extrinsic dental erosion, people should be sensitized about which foods or drinks are causing the injuries. The goal is to persuade patients to have a more moderate intake of high acid foods or, if possible, eliminate them from their diet. Or, if it is an intrinsic dental erosion, the ideal is to identify the cause for the patient to take care and to try to stop the rapid evolution of this type of lesions.

Treatment for moderate to severe injury

The treatment for dental erosion will depend on the severity of the lesions in the patient. In a condition of mild to moderate dental erosion, what is sought is the remineralization of the substrate that has been eroded by contact with this acid. In more advanced situations where not only a superficial damage is seen, but also a destruction of the deepest tooth, the tendency is the restitution or reconstruction of the lost tissue. And also in this case, depending on the degree of destruction, it is possible to use resins or ceramic materials. Whatever the treatment for dental erosion, what is currently sought is to look for minimally invasive restorations to not wear the tooth more than it already is.

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By Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle

Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle is a renowned dentist expert in Dental Aesthetics.

He completed his Bachelor of Dentist Surgery at the Technological University of Mexico , later he received a postgraduate degree in Oral Rehabilitation and a Masters in Dental Sciences from the University of Washington , in the United States.

He has extensive work experience of more than 30 years . He has given more than 400 lectures , courses and scientific publications at national and international level throughout the world. He is the Founder and Executive Director of GRUPO DENTAL BOSQUES.

He is currently an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington postgraduate as well as the famous Spear Education continuing education platform in Scottdale, Arizona.

Thanks to this Dr. Mitrani Boyle is recognized as one of the best specialists in Dentistry in Miguel Hidalgo.

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