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Dental aesthetics: why is it important? (P1)

Written by: Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Before thinking about a dental crown, it is important to define, from a dental perspective and dentistry, what it means to be aesthetic.

Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle

The word aesthetic comes from the Greek and means perception or sensation. This implies that the word aesthetic is something very subjective because it inhabits in the mind of the patients of different form. Each one perceives his or her dental aesthetic or interprets it differently. However, if specifically speaking only the 4 elements that group the conditions that the patient habitually seeks to correct, these are: change in color because the patient sees that his teeth are dark and want them whiter; modification in the shape of the teeth because the patient perceives that his teeth are small, have imperfections or are very triangular; arrangement in the composition or manner in which a tooth is correlated with the others; or change in position, which is when a patient does not show teeth when smiling or shows excessively both teeth and gums. Thus, the aesthetic treatments are directed to the correction to some alteration within these characteristics.


Looking for wellness

Aesthetic dentistry by being subjective is recommended in cases where patients are dissatisfied or uncomfortable with some aspect of their teeth and when it is causing them personal or social problems. It is worth mentioning that dental esthetics is not a measure of health or illness, but it is a measure of well-being. You can not dismiss dental aesthetics in the routine of the patient, nor the importance of the smile as that element that becomes the gateway to the world. A patient who is satisfied with the way he smiles or the way in which he interacts with his smile has socially a very different capacity from someone who is disadvantaged by that same factor.

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By Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle

Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle is a renowned dentist expert in Dental Aesthetics.

He completed his Bachelor of Dentist Surgery at the Technological University of Mexico , later he received a postgraduate degree in Oral Rehabilitation and a Masters in Dental Sciences from the University of Washington , in the United States.

He has extensive work experience of more than 30 years . He has given more than 400 lectures , courses and scientific publications at national and international level throughout the world. He is the Founder and Executive Director of GRUPO DENTAL BOSQUES.

He is currently an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington postgraduate as well as the famous Spear Education continuing education platform in Scottdale, Arizona.

Thanks to this Dr. Mitrani Boyle is recognized as one of the best specialists in Dentistry in Miguel Hidalgo.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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