Dental aesthetics: why is it important? (P2)

Written by: Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle
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At present, within the aesthetic dental, it has the capacity to offer treatments to the patients that imply the minimal invasion, that is to say, the least amount of wear in the teeth involved in the esthetic correction.

Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle

These treatments range from a simple whitening to a recontorneo in the teeth, because often changes the position of the teeth and, therefore, is worked in conjunction with orthodontists. Orthodontists usually help find areas of opportunity and align teeth with the goal of leaving a perfect smile without the need for an invasive process involving restorations. Depending on the patient's condition, dental aesthetics always look for the best solution that involves less wear or less dental intervention. Nowadays several options are offered because there are restorative materials of very high capacities or clinical performance and it is possible to solve aesthetic conditions with processes that 20 years ago had as a consequence to wear the teeth when applying crowns or more invasive restorations.


Duration of a dental restoration

The usual question for a patient when they are about to start a dental cosmetic restoration process or treatment is how long the results will last. The answer is as ambiguous as the question because as a dental specialist one does not have the ability to determine punctually the duration time of a dental restoration. What is known is that the half-life of a dental restoration is directly linked to the use or abuse of restorations. When the tooth or part of the tooth is rebuilt with some type of restorative material, either because the tooth was incomplete, fractured or worn by a natural action over time, the materials used today have the ability to function and function basically like the teeth. However, if the patient abuses these materials by biting feathers, opening bags, that is, doing all kinds of processes with the teeth that are not suitable, then the chances that there is some type of risk or small fractures is very high. For this reason, the most important thing to ensure that the half-life of these restorations is as long as possible, is to take care of them and to attend to the dental offices' checks and maintenance to be able to identify how the restoration is behaving, to make minimal polish if there is that do them and identify areas of risk to prevent potential future problems.


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By Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle

Dr. Ricardo Mitrani Boyle is a renowned dentist expert in Dental Aesthetics.

He completed his Bachelor of Dentist Surgery at the Technological University of Mexico , later he received a postgraduate degree in Oral Rehabilitation and a Masters in Dental Sciences from the University of Washington , in the United States.

He has extensive work experience of more than 30 years . He has given more than 400 lectures , courses and scientific publications at national and international level throughout the world. He is the Founder and Executive Director of GRUPO DENTAL BOSQUES.

He is currently an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington postgraduate as well as the famous Spear Education continuing education platform in Scottdale, Arizona.

Thanks to this Dr. Mitrani Boyle is recognized as one of the best specialists in Dentistry in Miguel Hidalgo.

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