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Stress, disease XXI century

Written by: Dr. David López Garza
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There are several types of stress, stress associated with work and life in large cities, and early stress in children who develop in abnormal and extreme conditions such as wars, violence or situations of insecurity.

Dr. David Nelson López Garza

what is stress Stress is the disease of the century, everyone focuses on the stress that the adult suffers at work in big cities, but in addition to this there is also an early stress in children and adolescents when the brain has not fully developed. The early stress of children exposed to war, violence, and insecurity causes structural and functional damages that later lead to severe mental illness. The common and current stress , that of work, which we are accustomed to see in the big cities, of the insecurity of the cities is important and in the long run causes problems, so it is necessary to detect, diagnose and treat it.

Can you prevent stress?

We are full of information about how to avoid stress . In general it can be avoided by leading an orderly and healthy life, the adult with good health habits should exercise, avoid alcohol, drugs, stimulants, schedule the study and work in a rational way, not to exceed, not to leave To prepare since all that is cause of stress. Prevention is about leading an orderly life.

Consequences of stress

The chronic , intense stress of days, weeks, months, that causes insomnia, fatigue, is producing headaches, backaches, gastritis, colitis, inattention, concentration and, in the long run, causes anxiety disorders, severe depressions and The treatment of this is already an important and expensive aspect, so the sooner we do something not to be in stress, in the long run it is to save money, time and health.

Lifestyle change: key to fighting stress

The basic treatment of stress is the change of lifestyle, a person who is 20 years old traveling 2 days a week by plane at an exaggerated rate and that already has the consequences of stress, there is a way to deal with the consequences with medication, With relaxation, meditation but the basic change is the lifestyle, not being worried, with needs to be perfect, to be the best in everything, this is the fundamental concept of an orderly, quiet, healthy life, with a proper diet , Sleep well, that's the way to treat stress .

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By Dr. David López Garza

Dr. López de la Garza is a Psychiatrist who served as President of the Mexican Psychoanalytic Association in 1994 and was Head of the Psychiatry Service of the Santa Fe Neurological Center until 2013. He is currently a member of the Association's Research Committee International Psychoanalytics ; as well as the Psychoanalytic Federation of Latin America , the Mexican Psychiatric Association and the National College of Military Physicians , to name a few.

He was Professor of Postgraduate in the Mexican Psychoanalytic Association. He has made important publications, addressing issues such as disorder and personality limit, health and psychoanalysis.

Thanks to this, Dr. López de la Garza is recognized as one of the best medical specialists in Psychiatry in Mexico City.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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