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Liposuction by laser or Lipolase®

¿That is the Lipolase® or laserlipolysis


The Lipolase® or laserlipolysis is a technique that corrects an excess of body volume due to increased accumulation of fat tissue using a minimally invasive procedure that removes fat cells and tightens the skin.

It is a treatment to remove fat tissue consisting of the application of an optical fiber that carries a laser light in a transcutaneous. The issuance specifies the type of laser used can destroy the fat and get a significant contraction of the skin.

¿What differences exist between the“liposuction Classic” and Lipolase®

The Lipolase® or laserlipolysis is equally suited for touch-ups on previous liposuction with skin irregularities or major component of sagging after surgery.

In a liposuction“classic” more trauma and bleeding in the mechanism of adipocyte destruction through the cannula occurs.

The Lipolase® coagulates small blood vessels ( reduction of bleeding and bruising ) causing minor mechanical trauma during the procedure. This is the main advantage over classical laserlipolysis liposuction, as it involves a much quicker and less painful recovery because the inflammatory component that is triggered is lower.

The immediate contraction of the skin that produces laserlipolysis allows extending treatment to areas of difficult access to traditional liposuction due to poor response to contraction or irregularities left in the postoperative. They are more affordable with actions Lipolase® inner thighs or arms, abdomens substantially affected by the sagging, jowls, bra rolls high and others.

They are ideal to intervene with the more classic Lipolase® correct and reshape areas: love handles, buttocks, abdominal region and sides. The main feature of laser lipolysis is a high degree of satisfaction in patients and our physicians.

¿Lipolase® can be used on skin with stretch marks


The Lipolase® is ideal for volume corrections in devitalized skin and ridged like abdominal region after pregnancy or inner thighs. The Lipolase® opens the possibility of remodeling in lipo- more prone to sagging older patients, due to thinning of the dermis and septa, through the effect of cutaneous contraction caused by the release of heat shock proteins that occurs during treatment.

¿What type of anesthesia required Lipolase®


Usually the Lipolase® or laserlipolysis requires local anesthesia with / without sedation although it depends on the treatment areas. It allows almost immediate incorporation to normal life in 24 hours. Discomfort during the next 2-3 days are like shoelaces, sending in less than a week. The compression garment can be removed to sleep 4-7 days. The Lipolase® considerably improved postoperatively.

¿LipoLaser As the technique is performed


The SmartLipo is performed by inserting the flexible optical fiber, 1mm gauge, through a minimal incision. Through this laser light to intradermal driving;first laser light that destroys fat designed and subsequently used to produce contraction of the skin and the fibrous septa of the areolar fat. This last phase adjustment allows the skin to the new body contour.

It is an interesting treatment for small areas: chin, inner arms, inner thighs, or small abdomen, where the retraction of skin accompanist is very important to improve outcomes. It is also highly recommended to retouch previous liposculpture that have been accompanied by laxity. It can also be used to supplement the classical liposuction or suction.

The equipment used for laser liposuction, also called Lipolase®, laserlipolysis or laserescultura produce effective destruction of fatty tissue by their thermal and photo effect while stimulating neocollagenesis thanks to deposit heat hypodermic level.

If I decide the Lipolase® or laserlipolysis¿, that will have benefits


  • The effect of contraction of the tissues prevents sagging and post- liposuction contour deformities, generating a more homogeneous contraction of the entire skin.
  • Unlike traditional liposuction, in Lipolase® the specified emission to destroy fat generates an effect of&ldquo,&rdquo melted ;, respecting other tissue structures.
  • The laser coagulation effect on the microcirculation of the area effectively prevents bruising and bleeding.
  • Being a less traumatic treatment, type of recovery is minimized.
  • The incision is practiced on the skin is something more of a millimeter.
  • Procedures low or medium fat removal or confined areas can be performed under local anesthesia.
  • The Lipolase® or laserlipolysis is a technique applicable to any area of the body.
  • Allows refined retouching unsatisfactory results of previous liposuction.
  • In large volume liposuction, can be used laserlipolysis associated with conventional lipoaspiration to ensure a good response from the scar contracture of the skin of the treated area.

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