Centro Oftalmológico Arcos

Querétaro, Querétaro
Calzada de los Arcos No. 62, Colonia Carretas, Querétaro

The clinic specialises in:

  • Ophthalmology

What makes this medical centre first class

The Arcos Ophthalmological Center is a clinic specialized in Ophthalmology of High Level in charge of Dr. Mariana Camacho Méndez specialist in Ophthalmology and Glaucoma , as well as Certified by the Mexican Council of Ophthalmology .

They are experts in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of all types of ophthalmic diseases , in addition to having services such as: Optics and Adaptation of Contact Lenses , Tomography of Optical Coherence of Anterior Segment , OCT Mode B and OCT Angio of Optical Nerve and Macula , Campimetry and Corneal Topography .

Thanks to this, the Arcos Ophthalmological Center is distinguished as a specialist center in Ophthalmology in the State of Querétaro .

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