Clínica de Reproducción Asistida Ingenes: Mérida

Assisted Reproduction in Mérida, Yucatán
Calle 20 No. 235, Piso 8, Colonia Altabrisa

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What makes this medical centre first class

Ingenes is the fertility and genetics institute with high success rates in assisted reproduction procedures. That is to say, it is backed by more than 10,000 births; and it has a rate of newborns through in vitro fertilization with ovules of 78%, and one of 58% with egg donation.

The cynical has comprehensive programs of emotional support and nutrition, to give a proper follow-up during pregnancy treatment.

Ingenes is distinguished for being the center that achieved that most of its patients fulfill the dream of becoming pregnant, with the least physical, emotional and economic wear and tear. In addition, they perform personalized treatments for each patient, according to the results of the reason for infertility.

It has operating rooms, a laboratory for clinical analysis and Andrology, a laboratory for assisted reproduction, research areas, an office and rooms.

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