Fundación para la Investigación de Padecimientos Vasculares, AC. FIPAV

Médica Sur. Puente de Piedra No. 150. Colonia Toriello Guerra (Tlalpan, Ciudad de México)

Areas of expertise:

  • Vascular Surgery

What makes this centre first class?

The Foundation for Research Vascular Disorders (Fipav) is formed by a group of specialists in Angiology, Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. With quality health care in vascular treatments, this institution is dedicated to the care of various diseases using minimally invasive technology. In order to form a more integrated and able to provide unparalleled care, Fipav has excelled in the preparation and continuous updating of human personnel that integrates it, the availability of the latest technology in vascular treatments specialist equipment, comprehensive care and quality human; in addition to the transformation of the concept of quality in private care and care services for patients with limited resources. Among Fipav values ​​are respect, honesty and work.

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 Top Doctors of the centre

  • Dr. Manuel Eduardo Marquina Ramírez

    Expert in:

    • Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty
    • Carotid Surgery
    • Varices
    • Thrombosis
    • Aneurysm
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