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The medical staff of The Doctors are among the country's most prestigious. Joining our directory ensures that your name and clinic will appear only next to those of your fellow doctors with an outstanding career.


Patients visiting The Doctors website come seeking quality health information and first class health care. When they find your details, they can be sure that they have found the best doctor for their particular case. Furthermore, our users have the facility to schedule an appointment with our physicians online 24 hours a day.


Our goal is to identify the best doctors in each city and each medical speciality. To achieve this, we conduct a rigorous selection process comprising the following steps:

El especialista al que acudiría su médico

1. Survey amongst doctors

In a survey, specialist physicians nationwide recommend those fellow doctors who excel in each specialty and treatment.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico

2. Independent auditing by ADECCO

The consultancy Adecco Medical & Science analyses each CV: years of experience, academic achievement, positions held in public institutions, scientific papers published, conferences, awards and recognitions etc. We also evaluate the quality of the medical centre or clinic where the doctor works as well as his reputation online.
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3. Endorsement of the Medical Committee

A medical committee for each speciality endorses the selection process and ensures     that all the demanding criteria of medical excellence set by Top Doctors are met.
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4. Personal interview

On a human level, patients value the sensitive and empathetic treatment they receive just as much as quality of their professional medical treatment. In order to ensure this, before giving approval to a member of Top Doctors, we always meet him personally.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico

5. Patient satisfaction

By means of anonymous surveys, we ask patients about their experience with each specialist member of The Doctors.