Pelvic floor reconstructive surgery

The pelvic organs ( bladder, vagina, uterus and rectum ) are supported by what is called the pelvic floor, a complex network of muscles, fibrous tissues and ligaments also help keep the urethra closed. Often women of all ages to experience weakness in these muscles, especially after pregnancy or childbirth, which causes problems have bladder control or the bladder to drop and stay at another position. At first, the treatment is based on conduct known as Kegel exercises, which are designed to improve the elasticity and muscle strength, and medication. But when these methods do not work you may reconstructive pelvic floor surgery, performed by the vaginal route, although in certain cases ( and in the fall of the uterus ), laparoscopy, are used less invasive needed. The goal of surgery is to correct pelvic floor anomalies of the pelvic organs.