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Diabetes is a disease characterized by a significant increase in blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia), whose symptoms are fatigue, emaciation produced in a short time, excessive thirst and urination extreme (even at night). This condition is caused by impaired insulin action, either because it does not exist or because the patient's pancreas no longer make it. The latter case is caused by the diabetes mellitus or insulin-dependent (type I diabetes), which occurs in childhood. For type I diabetics, substitute this lack of insulin treatment to be followed for life, an adequate diet that allows greater control of blood glucose levels throughout the day and about good exercise habits. In contrast, type II diabetes arises from hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, among other causes. It requires greater control over the diet is done and sometimes treatment with oral agents (pills). Besides, during pregnancy also it can be seen imbalanced glucose levels in blood, which causes the called gestational diabetes.