Functional rhinoplasty is a surgical intervention used to improve the flow of air through the nostrils, although it can also have an aesthetic purpose only. Functional rhinoplasty is indicated in patients with obstruction of the airways which untreated can lead to chronic nasal dysfunction. The surgery is performed through the internal nares, but in some cases you must practice an external incision. After the operation, the patient's nostrils are covered with a small sponges that are removed in one or two days. In addition, nose, lips, cheeks and areas close to the eyes is usually swell for several days, but she looks better within a week or two. In cases where the obstruction of the air passages due to a deviated nose or deviated nasal septum will proceed to an intervention called septoplasty. The surgery is performed inside the nostrils, to straighten without the aesthetics of the nose is changed.