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Personality Disorders

There is talk of personality disorder when the behavior, thoughts and emotions that make up the lifestyle of a person have a prolonged deviation in time with respect to patterns of personality considered“healthy” within a sphere or stage. This type of psychiatric disorders come to interfere in the daily life of the person suffering from problems of social adaptation, so its capacity and coexistence relationship is complicated and can eventually lead to social isolation. Therefore, the treatment of personality disorders requires dealt with personal psychological therapy. According to the degree of variation of the structure of thought and the inappropriate behavior of these patients, have described different types of personality disorder: histrionic, the people who always want to be the focus of attention and act so dramatic and superficial; narcissistic, arrogant typical of subjects who believe omnipotent;limit or borderline, a pattern of impulsive, unstable and prone to self-injury character;antisocial, the subjects who act violently so ruthless and evil;paranoid, involving excessive distrust everything; schizoid own solitary and indifferent to people 's feelings;obsessive, perfectionist or scrupulous the subject;avoidant, which involves the avoidance of situations anxiety;or dependent, typical of undecided people with low self-esteem.