Dr. Joaquín Eugenio Guarneros Zárate

General Surgeon in
Miguel Hidalgo

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Professional statement

Dr. Guarneros Zárate is a specialist in General Surgery and Advanced Laparoscopy with his office in the Metropolitan Angeles Hospital , offering treatments such as Hernioplasty, C olecistectomy and Laparoscopic Funduplicatura , among others. TO

He graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) as a Surgeon and later performed the Specialty in General Surgery certified by the American British Cowdray Medical Center in Mexico City .

He has held stays abroad where he underwent specialization in Acute Care Surgery in Denver, Colorado. He holds graduate studies in Advanced Laparoscopy with certification from Baylor College of Medicine and New York University . He holds a Master's Degree in Philosophy of Science from the National Autonomous University of Mexico .

He performed his institutional surgical practice at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). Currently he is dedicated to the Documen and to his private practice, focused on Advanced Laparoscopic Procedures as well as the Surgical Care of the patient in Acute State, pioneer in this subspecialty, still nonexistent in our country.

Dr. Guarneros Zárate has also made several publications at the National Institutes of Health on topics related to his specialty and is active as Full Professor of the Anatomy and Research Course at the Medical School of UNAM. He is Professor of Advanced Management of Thoracic Trauma, Advanced Course of Management of Esophagus Hiatus and Advanced Course of Safe Cholecystectomy and Resolution of Complications by Laparoscopy at UNAM.

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