Dra. María Yumiko Akaki Carreño

Dermatologist in
Miguel Hidalgo

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Professional statement

Dr. Maria Yumiko Akaki Carreño is a Certified Dermatologist by the Mexican Council of Dermatology , expert in Atopic Dermatitis , Acne , Warts , Contagious Mollusc , Alopecia and Skin Spots . He has more than 10 years of experience in various prestigious institutions such as the Angeles Acoxpa Hospital and the Healthy Kids Polanco Center .

He graduated as a Surgeon , Pediatrician and Pediatric Dermatologist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), with residence at the Children's Hospital of Mexico Federico Gómez , also performed a Sub-specialty in Dermatopathology at the General Hospital Dr. Manuel Gea González , and a Master of Medical Sciences at the same University.

He has achieved recognition at various Dermatology conferences such as the Hispano Latinoamericano Congress , which was held in Seville , Spain , the Pediatric Dermatology Congress at the Children's Private Hospital of Mexico City . It has also been recognized for its exposure in the Master of Medical and Dental Sciences of the UNAM .

Due to her outstanding experience, Dr. Akaki Carreño is recognized as one of the best specialists in Pediatric Dermatology in Mexico City .

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