We work for the patient

Top Doctors is the first and only Mexican company dedicated to help patients identifying the best medical centers, hospitals and clinics for each speciality and sub-specialty. Our rigorous selection process audited by Adecco Medical & Science guarantees this.

We work for the patient to ensure the access to the best healthcare and to guarantee that all the medical information offered is rigorous and reliable. These are our values and our mission.

Our mission

· Under the quality seal of Top Doctors, to group together the most select professionals with a commitment to ensure quality service to our patients.

· To provide our users with the most up-to-date, serious and reliable medical information.

· To be a trusted point of contact for patients and doctors alike.

Our vision

To be a point of reference for patients and doctors worldwide.

Our values

To carry out our work with the passion, dedication and thoroughness necessary to realise our mission.