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  • Choose the best date and time for you.
  • Avoid the cost of a phone call and the possibility of waiting in a queue.
  • The day before your appointment we will send you a reminder.



If you prefer, you can make an appointment directly by phone. If you are calling from a mobile, you just have to touch the number on the doctor's profile and it will call automatically.



Communicate privately with a doctor for a long-distance consult via text and voice messages, and send photos of your symptoms to allow the doctor to make a diagnosis.



Talk to a doctor face to face in an appointment by video call.

The Top Doctors medical team is made up of only the best specialists. Choose the ideal doctor for your case!

Our rigorous 4-step selection process means that only 1 in 10 medical specialists are at a sufficient level to join Top Doctors. We have more than 60,000 of the best doctors in the UK, the USA, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

Request an appointment online in 3 easy steps. Our online booking system has three key advantages:

After choosing the best date and time for you, you will receive a text and e-mail confirming the time selected.

You can avoid the cost of a phone call and the possibility of waiting in a queue.

The day before your appointment we will send you a reminder.

Step 1: Click on your preferred date and time

Step 2: Fill in your details

Step 3: Enter the confirmation code sent to your mobile

The doctor's clinic will contact you in the next few hours to confirm the time and resolve any queries you might have.

IMPORTANT: The information that you enter to request the appointment is sent directly to the doctor's practice so that they can contact you and process your appointment.

You must pre-book before going to a private clinic or specialist's surgery. Here are some things to bear in mind when going to your appointment:

A » If you have medical insurance, remember to tell the clinic and check that your policy covers the appointment. If the doctor needs your policy number, you can enter it on our system.
B » If the appointment is with a private doctor who doesn't accept medical insurance, ask about the price of the visit and the payment methods accepted (e.g. cash or card).
C » If something comes up and you can't attend, call the clinic and cancel the appointment. The doctor and their team will appreciate the notice.
D » How will you get to your appointment? If you are not sure about the location, you can check the map on the doctor's profile.
E » If you have any doubts, please call us on +52 (55) 4440 5591 At Top Doctors, we are here to help you make your appointment, or help you find the perfect specialist for you.

Why use Top Doctors to request an appointment with a doctor?

All of our doctors are chosen via a comprehensive selection process that looks for the best of the best. You can be sure that you will be in the best hands, no matter which doctor you choose.

Do I have to pay to book through your website?

No, our service is completely free! You only have to pay the doctor's fees (or cover it with your insurance).

Can I get an appointment with a doctor in Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX)?

Yes, Top Doctors has doctors in many areas of Mexico, especially the capital. If you want an appointment in Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX), Monterrey or Guadalajara, simply choose the location when you search.

Can you request an appointment with an NHS doctor?

No, not through us. Top Doctors only deals with private healthcare. For NHS appointments, search for your nearest NHS hospital or clinic, or contact your GP.

Can I pay for my appointment with my medical insurance?

Of course! You only need to indicate your insurance provider when booking. Make sure your policy covers the appointment and check with the clinic if they accept your insurance provider.

Can I review the doctor after the appointment?

Yes, and we'd appreciate it if you did! Reviews of doctors can help other patients when choosing a specialist. Top Doctors only lists reviews from patients who have booked through us, so we know that all the reviews are genuine.

What happens if I arrive late for my appointment?

Call the clinic to let them know, and check that the doctor can still see you. This way, the clinic has some notice, and may be able to adjust the schedule to accomodate you.