Why choose Top Doctors?

Thanks to our rigourous selection process we can guarantee you will be cared by the most outstanding doctors in their medical specialty.

Top Doctors is not a directory. Belonging to Top Doctors list is not something achieved by simply paying. In fact physicians do not and cannot pay to be selected. At Top Doctors we know that there are things that cannot be bought with money. Health is one of them, and professional excellence is another.


The difference between a good doctor and the best specialist in his/her area of medicine can be measured. Only 1 in 10 physicians exceeds our quality audit. And we do not rely on their fees: the best medical specialists are not always the most expensive. Here is our selection process:

El especialista al que acudiría su médico

1. All licensed MDs are invited to nominate their peers

Physicians can nominate via an online process those other doctors whom they feel are the most outstanding in their medical specialties, in any area of medicine and in any part of the country, indicating also whether they believe that the physician is among the best in their region or among the very best in the nation. Also, already-selected Top Doctors® members are actively encouraged through various communications to participate in this process as well. A physician cannot nominate him/herself.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico

2. Independent auditing by a group of consultants

Our auditors research team carefully reviews the credentials of every physician being considered for inclusion in Top Doctors Guides®, magazine, articles and website. The review includes, among other factors, scrutiny of medical education, years of experience, work performed for public institutions, scientific publications, conferences, board certifications, awards and recognitions, professional achievements and malpractice and disciplinary history. We also evaluate the quality of the health center or hospital where the doctor works and his reputation online.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico

3. Medical Committee

A medical committee for each speciality endorses the selection process and ensures that all Top Doctors' criteria for medical excellence are fully met.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico

4. Personal interview

Patients value the human interaction as much as professional quality. So, before giving the green light to a potential member of Top Doctors, we always meet him personally.
El especialista al que acudiría su médico

5. Patient satisfaction

Through anonymous surveys, we ask verified patients for feedback about their experience with each physician from Top Doctors.