Top Doctors is the first and only directory of top doctors and centers of excellence in Mexico.


Top Doctors

Top Doctors is the first and only directory of top doctors and centers of excellence in Mexico, designed to help consumers find the best healthcare. Whoever doctor you choose, you will get right! This is because our list of top doctors is based on peer nominations and professional assessments by our research team not on hype, advertising, or third parties that have something to gain by recommending a particular provider. Top doctors are rigorously selected from among hundreds of thousands of physicians. Our intensive research methodology is designed to identify doctors that will speed patients' healing, minimize pain and discomfort, shorten recovery periods and enhance and lengthen lives - in other words, achieve the best possible health outcomes.

Our mission is to ensure that finding the best doctor of each medical speciality and sub-specialty is a privilege that should be available to everyone. Furthermore, by using our website you can easily make an appointment online and access a wide variety of articles published by our top doctors.

Why this initiative?

Castle Connolly America's Top Doctors since 1992 takes medical recognizing excellence in USA providing patients access to top level doctors. Castle Connolly Top Doctors today is a hallmark of prestige for doctors and security for patients. Edits the most important Top Doctors guide in USA and conducts the National Physician of the Year Awards, the most recognized grants in the industry.
Given the lack of rigor of certain health content on the Internet and with the aim to build a network of global health, in 2013 initiated the international development of Top Doctors choosing Spain as European launch point and Mexico for Latin America.
Top Doctors is a place where patients can get in touch with the best specialists and make an appointment.

What makes us different?

The rigorous selection process of Top Doctors makes the difference with other medical or listings online directories.
Only 1 out of 10 doctors commit our excellence audit. They can not get part of top doctors by applying for admission neither paying for it.
The first requirement to be part of the medical team of Top Doctors is that other doctors recommend the candidate. Then a close review of the doctor´s resume, experience and academic achievements, but also other aspects such as consultation services, patient care and expertise, among others.
This process ensures that only physicians who have demonstrated their medical excellence are part of Top Doctors. And remember, being the best does not necessarily mean the most expensive.

Our Future

We intend to continue growing to be present in the main cities of Mexico covering all medical specialties.
We want our platform to be known throughout Mexico as the most reliable and effective alternative for patients who come to the internet to seek medical opinion or excellent doctors.
The next step will undoubtedly extend our service to the rest of Latin America.